Wasps & Hornets

Wasps and Hornets in or around the home are common. However when these insects gain entry into the walls, attics, or even inside your home, it can be reason for alarm. Since there are a few different types of Wasps and Hornets local to our area, we always like to schedule a Free Inspection in order to identify the species and provide the following steps for elimination.


Identification of Wasps/Hornets

Exterior Knock-Down/Removal of nests and Treatment of affected areas

Interior Cut Out/Removal of Nests if inside Wall as necessary

Tips for Prevention of Future Wasp/Hornet Infestations

Our Approach


Neighborly Pest Control has bait options available to help work to eliminate even the toughest cockroach infestations in hard to access areas. We have a variety of preferred baits at our disposal in order to prevent resistance, and ensure the colony accepts the bait.


Neighborly Pest Control will set monitors in areas that we suspect the roaches are established in order to determine infestation levels and additional harboring areas. This information helps us to effectively manage cockroaches quicker than Non-IPM approaches.

Target Treatment

When we have determined the presence of cockroaches in a certain location, we will perform spot treatments in addition to monitoring effectively flushing the pests out of hiding to determine the level of infestation and other possible infestation areas.

Prevention Tips

Neighborly Pest Control will continually inspect while performing treatment to ensure all areas of the building are assessed for pest entry points to prevent future outbreaks. We apply a preventive pest barrier along the base and cracks/crevices of the home as necessary when enrolled in a General Pest Prevention Plan.


Got Wasps or Hornets?


Give us a Call today! When you see nests forming outside or flying insects coming and going often from the outside of your home, it may be a sign that there are many more harboring nearby in walls, cracks and crevices, crawlspaces or other locations that are suitable depending on species.

It Pays to be a member

It Pays to be a Member. With enrollment in a General Pest Maintenance Plan your technician will assess your home for Pest Entry points and make recommendations when needed. The general pest maintenance performed also creates a barrier between pests and your home. If problem "Add-On Pests" do become present, you receive a 10% discount on Additional Pest Services.

When your signed up for re-occurring Pest Control/Prevention, Low-Levels of "Focused" Pests are covered. This means with communication and our regular visits, we can Prevent/Control these pests without any additional costly fees. If these pests are established already, We will provide a personalized time-based treatment to re-gain control/prevention of the pests. Prices vary depending on level of infestation and length of services.

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