One-Time Detailed Whole Home Treatment

Want to see results before committing to On-going General Preventative Pest Maintenance?

We assess the home for all pest entry points

We will apply different types of pesticide utilizing specialized equipment for best results

We will de-webb the outside of the structure, inside on request

We will use long lasting products to ensure they keep working for you

We will give our recommendation for pest proofing the home, or re-occurring services

Why is Re-Occurring Pest Control Beneficial?

When enrolled in a Re-Occurring Pest Preventative Maintenance Plan you will see ongoing results. This is because we are creating a barrier around the structure in which repels insects. For thos that land on the building, we do treat windows and doors as well, helping to keep those additional cracks and crevices protected.

When you hire a pest professional, your essentially protecting your one of your largest assets, your home, or business. In the Greenbrier Valley we are all susceptible to many different species of wood destroying pests, among other types of pests that can also cause sever damage and cause significant repair costs.

When you hire Neighborly Pest Control, we are consistently vigilant against these pests. Every visit, we are inspecting your property and keeping a watchful eye for those insects or critters that may be trying to move in or find access. We've got your back. We treat our customers like neighbors and our neighbors like family. So you can rest assured you have the best exterminator for the pests.

Ready to Schedule an Inspection?

Don't put it off until tomorrow. Just drop us a quick message below, and we will get back to you via your choice of contact. Yep, it's that easy. Let us worry about remembering to call, or text you. While you worry about everything else going on.

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