Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and Ticks in the home can cause quite of a bit of distress to your normal routine. Typically these pests come into the home on our furry friends. Keeping your pets up to date on their shots and flea/tick medications can help to prevent such outbreaks.

We inspect the home and surroundings for all affected areas and possible causes

We will recommend the treatment plan for your situation

We will recommend treatment of any animals if necessary

We will typically follow up with a second inspection/treatment to ensure all larvae and live bugs are treated

Our Approach


Neighborly Pest Control will conduct a Free Inspection to determine the location of the pest infestation and possible causes.

Prevention Tips

We will let you know our thoughts on how the infestation started based on the inspection and information given. We will then give you tips to prevent future outbreaks.

Target Treatment

We will treat the areas affected with specialized products and tools to ensure the safest methods for you and your animals.

Follow Up

We will automatically schedule a follow-up to the original treatment to re-inspect and re-treat as necessary. This helps to ensure the pests are eradicated without you having to worry.


Got Fleas or Ticks?

Give us a Call today! When you see one rodent, it a sign that there are many more harboring nearby in walls, cracks and crevices, kitchens, crawlspaces or other locations that are suitable depending on species.

It Pays to be a member

It Pays to be a Member. With enrollment in a General Pest Maintenance Plan your technician will assess your home for Pest Entry points and make recommendations when needed. The general pest maintenance performed also creates a barrier between pests and your home. If problem "Add-On Pests" do become present, you receive a 10% discount on Additional Pest Services.

When your signed up for re-occurring Pest Control/Prevention, Low-Levels of "Focused" Pests are covered. This means with communication and our regular visits, we can Prevent/Control these pests without any additional costly fees. If these pests are established already, We will provide a personalized time-based treatment to re-gain control/prevention of the pests. Prices vary depending on level of infestation and length of services.

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