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What to Consider?


Where your home is located makes a huge impact on the pests you may encounter. Homes next to open fields or farms may have more flies. Structures in heavily wooded areas may have more rodents or wildlife, wasps, hornets and spiders. While those in developed neighborhoods may experience less pests, and wildlife due to increased traffic and other homes with pest control helping to control populations.


The building materials used in construction of the structure are also important. Brick, Cinder block, and poured concrete walls tend to be more pest proof that those made of wood, press-board, vinyl siding or other materials. Although grout can wear away in the brick/block construction allowing gaps for pest entry. Other materials tend to cause more minor gaps and cracks over time that will allow pests entry.

Window/Door Seals

Windows and Doors are probably the most common pest entry points on a structure. Over time the seal around windows and doors tends to deteriorate and create cracks and crevices in which pests can gain entry. This can extend to the crawlspace vents and also sometimes attic vents as well. Wildlife is often to blame for ripping screens that serve as the barrier in these scenarios.

Monthly Visits

Monthly Service Visits are best for:

  • Air BnB rentals
  • Commercial buildings
  • Structures in heavily wooded areas
  • Structures that have high level of pests
  • Structures that need rodent solutions
In the Past Year
Had Pests
In the Past Year

*In a study, It was found that in the past year 84% of homeowners have experienced pests in their home, while 55% have experienced rodents in their home.

Had Spiders
In the Past Year
Had Wasps
In the Past Year

Bi-Monthly Visits

Monthly Service Visits are best for:

  • Homeowners with moderate pests
  • Long Term Rental Units
  • Structures in lightly wooded areas
  • Structures that have moderate level of pests

*In a study, It was found that in the past year 57% of homeowners have experience spiders in their home, while 53% have experienced wasps in their home.

Seasonal Visits

3x Yearly Service Visits are best for:

  • Brick/Cinder block structures
  • Well sealed and maintained homes
  • Structures in non-wooded areas
  • Structures that have low to no pests
  • Structures that have regular cleaning
Building Features/Maintenance assist in IPM
  • Brick/Block homes are pest resistant
  • Regular Cleaning reduces food availability
  • Regular cleaning reduces webs and spiders
  • Well sealed doors and windows keep pest out
  • Regular yard maintenance help to deter pests

We will recommend the best frequency dependant on findings from your initial inspection and consultation.

- Joel and Martha - Neighborly Pest Control

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We aim to bring you the best possible personalized approach to Integrated Pest Management for your home or business. With over 10 years in Training and Pest Experience from multiple outlets, we have gained a vast base of Pest Knowledge and developed many different programs for pest management. We have written training on General Pest Control, to Bed Bugs, to Complete training programs for other pest control companies. We have a desire to learn and grow everyday by challenging ourselves to the next level. We strive to be the go to solution for all your Pest Control needs in Greenbrier Valley. We are family owned, local and after all we're also your neighbors. If your looking for Pest Control, We hope to talk to you soon.

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