Supporting Local

When you hire Neighborly Pest Control, you are supporting a local family owned and operated service business. In turn to show our appreciation we enjoy giving back to our community in various ways.

Here are some of the ways we have given back.

Below are some of the ways we have been involved in our community. We have been blessed to be able to attend and support local events throughout The Valley. We Look forward to many more! If you see us out and about, say don't forget to say hello!


Tripp standing next to our Banner, at Hollowell Park in Lewisburg.


We decorated the truck and threw candy and fake cockroaches for Alderson 4th of July Celebration Parade, in Alderson.


We setup a booth at the Holiday Open House, hosted ring toss, and Santa came to hand out Candy Canes and take pictures with kids.


Our Banner at Football Field, Greenbrier West, in Charmco.


We decorated the truck for Trunk or Treat sponsored by The Ronceverte River Festival at The Island Park, in Ronceverte.


We created the Fall Into Halloween Festival hosted by the Ronceverte River Festival, in Downtown Ronceverte. There was candy, games, Prizes, costume contests, trophies, pumpkins and more.


We set up a tent to educate kids on bugs at the Ronceverte River Festival, in Ronceverte.


We hosted a "Shoot the Rats" game and gave away candy for the Spooktacular Event at Ronceverte Elementary, in Ronceverte.

River Festival Bingo

We helped host and supported the Bingo Night hosted by Ronceverte River Festival Committee at Ronceverte Volunteer Fire Department, in Ronceverte.

Additional Outreach/Sponsorships

  • Sponsored Hanging Flower Basket @ Farmers Day 2024
  • Sponsored Union Little League 2024
  • Sponsored Ad Derby Day 2024
  • Sponsored Ronceverte River Festival Rubber Ducky Race Cash Prize 2024

Community Call to Action.

There's a lot of moving parts to a thriving community. We understand giving back is more than simply sponsoring an event, or sports team. Sometimes you have to put in time and effort in order to give back in the ways the community needs you to help.


Pictured above: Joel and Martha Cleaning Up Fairgrounds before Healing Appalachia with EGMS Choir.

Giving Back, By Cleaning Up.

As Pest Professionals, we drive all around our community each and everyday. Sometimes we see areas that may need a little extra care and cleanup. The excess litter and garbage may be a concern to Local Pests looking for food, or other wildlife that may be harmed by the consumption of litter or trash. We Aim to target these areas when we see them, and provide an extra helping hand to cleaning up our environment within our community. Even the slightest bit of effort helps the greater good.

Also, while we are out in the community, we will be educating our customers and/or passing out cards with Pest Prevention techniques that you can do at home to help keep our community beautiful and safe for everyone.

Community Sponsorship

Neighbors helping Neighbors.

We aim to assist people who have severe pest infestations and have been unable to secure sufficient treatment due to various reasons. Some examples are under privileged homes where children are present, schools, daycare centers, elderly with restricted income or any other individual or organization that may need pest remediation that is beyond their conventional means. Since after all, we're neighbors, we take health risks of severe pest infestations seriously and try our best to work out a solution to help as many poeple as we can. Together we can make a difference.

Want to Help?

Unfortunately sometimes we encounter people in situations such as Stinging Insects nesting inside the home, Severe Bed Bug infestations that cause loss of blood, Severe Cockroach infestations that affect breathing, Termite Damaged Homes that require remediation. As we continue to provide treatments for the under privileged suffering from severe pest infestations. We ask if you would like to sponsor, please do so with the link below. Thank you for your support. This account is used toward providing treatments for those that would not otherwise have means to treat their pest infestations, and from experience tend to live with them instead.

Need A Sponsor?

As we continue to grow throughout the Greenbrier Valley we will continuously look for more teams, schools, events, festivals, and parades to help Sponsor or be a part of. If you or your organization is looking for a Sponsor, Please don't hesitate to ask. We will always help when we are able.

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