“Bee” Season

Hey everyone, it’s officially “Bee” Season. This means pollinators of all sorts are about, establishing themselves for the season. While many of these pollinators are harmless, there are some that become pests when they cause damage to, or nest on your home. Some examples of Pests may be when Carpenter Bees drill into the older/unprotected wood on the home to lay their larvae, which is sometimes “pecked” out by a woodpecker looking for a quick meal, which in turn creates more damage to the wood on your home. You will also start to see more Solitary Wasps such as Mud Daubers or Paper Wasps starting to build nests around the home, and while solitary they can be aggressive when provoked, or just plain annoying. That leaves us with the Hornets and Yellow-jackets, which can be aggressive for no reason and will swarm. These pests can build under eaves, on trees, and sometimes even inside of wall voids giving entrance to your home. Though there are many more species of “bees” we considered pests, we will not address them all. There are also protected pollinators such as Honey Bees, which are extremely crucial parts of our Eco-system. We always recommend consulting a local beekeeper for honey bees and recommend as necessary to help protect our pollinators. If you suspect any of these pests may be present, give us a call immediately for a Free Inspection.

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