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"Hi! Im Martha, Its great to meet you. I am here to help you out with some nifty information that could definitely help whatever current bed bug problem you are facing. You see I know all about it and I am here to tell you what I have learned. I’m not going to pull any punches, I am going to tell you what works and what doesn’t. How effective it is and how it may not work in a certain situation. I want you to get a clear picture on what diy bed bug treatment can and cant do for you. Now lets get to it."

“I am a proud wife, mother, writer and homemaker. That of course comes with challenges like cleaning, scheduling, meal prep, work, activities…I could go on and on (but of course you know) Ah life and all its challenges, no matter if you are single or have a packed house life can get hectic, and I know you are the one managing all of it! That’s why when this bed bug problem came up (yet another thing to deal with) you found yourself here. I know, you looked up bed bug treatments and bed bug exterminators. Then you, like myself and many others before us decided we might try tackling it on our own. Well I am happy you found me. I have spent countless hours researching and experimenting diy bed bug treatments and natural bed bug bite treatment. Below I have broken down common and some uncommon diy bed bug treatments.“

"I have certainly given you a lot to think about haven’t I? I know many of the diy treatments out there are not really treatments at all but a whole lot of deterrents, false claims and quite frankly mostly useless and time consuming. None of them fully solving an infestation. However I know I have given you some helpful tricks to help you out. If you are done with the DIY route and want to hire a professional I can tell you there is none better than Neighborly Pest Control when you are ready."

Never Fear, Neighborly Pest Control Is Here!

We at Neighborly Pest Control are proud to say that hard work and dedication created this company. As a result we continue to strive to make Neighborly Pest Control your trusted source for bed bug elimination.

We specialize in bed bug eradication. Therefore if you need bed bug treatment in Southern West Virginia contact the company you know you can trust, contact the team at Neighborly Pest Control.

Our Treatment Approach


Inspection - We will come inspect areas known to be inviting for Bed Bugs. This can be a time consuming visit, it is best to be prepared.

Preparation - We will give you a list of areas that may need preparation if any. Preparation help is available upon request.

Treatment - We will carefully go through the areas in which Bed Bugs nest and treat using specialized chemicals.

Follow Up - We will Schedule a Follow Up to re-inspect and re-treat as necessary to ensure elimination.

Peace of Mind: Our Bed Bug Treatments come with a 6 Month Warranty.

Some Pictures of Bed Bug Infestations/Nesting Places... They have been found in MANY More places than pictured below...

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