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Local, Integrated Pest Management Solutions Uniquely Tailored to Residents of Greenbrier Valley.

All Your Pest Solutions, Tailored to Fit Your Needs.

Yes, we may be small and local, but we've got you covered. With over a decade in experience and training in various states, we decided to pave our own path and bring our knowledge and experience to The Valley. When dealing with your pests we aim to get to the root of the cause, use industry leading equipment, and knowledge of pest biology and habits in order to bring you the best possible Integrated Pest Management solutions for your situation.

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Did You Know?


80 percent of homeowners tend to be concerned about pests such as Termites, Rodents, Carpenter Ants, Cockroaches and Bed Bugs.


Additionally, 84 percent of Homeowners have experienced a Pest Problem within the last year. Of these pests; Ants, Spiders, Flies, Mosquitos, Mice, and Wasps were found to be most common.


And That's Not All... 97 percent of Pest Professionals report having treated for Bed Bugs in the last 12 months.


Our Integrated Pest Managment Approach.

Inspection and Targeting

We will start by identifying the target source of your specific pest problems by using our Free Detailed Inspection. We will then lay out treatment options for you, and provide and answer any additional questions you may have at this time. We pride ourselves in attention to detail, problem solving through integrated pest management and our thorough treatment methods utilizing specialized equipment.

Target Pest Treatment

We will then treat your home in the areas necessary to gain control of pests. Initial Comprehensive treatments include unfinished basements, garages, crawl spaces, attics, or anywhere else there may be harbor-age or entry points using a variety of advanced proven control methods. We will then treat the outside of the home ensuring the barrier of protection against common invader pests.

Pest Protection Barrier

Lastly we will continue to maintain a preventative pest barrier along the perimeter of the outside of your home and other structures, utilizing granules, sprays, and other methods. This will help to mitigate any pest activity before making it inside your home. We will continue to provide inside services as requested and be available in between services should you need us for any reason.


We're Local, Family Owned. We Care About Our Community.

We have a Love for Greenbrier Valley that burns strong in our hearts. We enjoy providing exceptional service for our community and giving back where we can. Pictured to the left is us at the Ronceverte River Festival. We are showing off bugs, wasps and hornets nests and other information on local pests we've collected.

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We do currently have a mailing address at this location at the bottom of Ronceverte Hill.


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